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Step 3:
Medical Listings

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Do you meet
or equal a 

  • The Third Step. The Social Security Administration will determine if you meet or equal a listing. This step if the first step at which you may be found disabled, but not the last.

  • If after going through your medical records, medical source statements, and other evidence they find that you meet or equal one of the listings they will find you disabled. These listings are extremely extensive, and it can be quite difficult to navigate and match up your medical proofs with the listings themselves. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to have an experienced Social Security Disability attorney by your side to navigate this process. If you do in fact meet a listing and meet the duration requirements you will be found disabled without them considering your age, education, or work experience.

  • If, however, your impairment does not meet or equal one of these listings it does not mean that you will be denied disability benefits necessarily. It means that the Social Security Administration will then move on to the Step 4 for further determinations.

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