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Step 5:
Other Work

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Workers with Masks

Can you do other work? 

  • The Fifth Step. The Social Security Administration will determine based on your Residual Functional Capacity, age, education, and work experience if you can adjust to perform other work. If they determine you can make that adjustment will be found not disabled. If you are unable to make that adjustment based on your age, education, and work experience, you will be found disabled.

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Does My Age Matter?

  • In terms of your age the Social Security Administration will use different standards to find you disabled or not disabled. For your age, the older you are the easier it is for the SSA to find you disabled. In the eyes of Social Security, you are considered a younger individual at/under the age 49, closely approaching advanced age at age 50-54, and at an advanced age 55-on. The later the category you are in the easier it is to be granted benefits. This does not mean that individuals aged 49 and younger cannot be granted benefits, however, at that age range it becomes even more critical for your medical proofs to accurately reflect the severity of your impairments and your functional capacity. Again, this is where an experienced attorney can make all the difference in pointing out the severity of your impairments and how it will affect your ability to perform any sort of work.

Does My Education 

  • When looking at your education they will determine your literacy (i.e., inability to read or write), ability to communicate in English, and your educational level. This includes marginal education, limited education, high school education and above.

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